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Here is how we operate:

~ We provide you with a free written and detailed quotation so that you know what to expect. The quote will note all the steps of preparation, painting and cleaning that are involved in the job; and it will specify the products we will use.

~ We use top quality paints and coatings, chosen in consultation with you. We use products from a variety of paint suppliers, so we can offer recommendations from a wide range of options. Our regular suppliers include Cloverdale Paint, Benjamin Moore, and ICI Paints.

~ We thoroughly prepare surfaces before painting. This is essential! On a typical exterior project, preparation involves the following 5 steps:


1. Cleaning: We pressure wash surfaces to be painted several days before starting the job. Residual mildew, moss, or grime is removed by hand with biodegradable (and plant friendly) cleaners.

2.  Scraping and sanding: All loose or peeling paint is scraped off and those areas sanded. We typically use electric sanding equipment to ensure the job is done well.

3. Caulking: Gaps and joints are caulked to seal out moisture, improve appearance.

4. Filling: Depending on the level of restoration you want, we can fill and repair dents, holes and blemishes with appropriate fillers.

5. Priming/sealing: Any exposed wood, metal or other material to be painted is first sealed with a quality primer/sealer designed for that surface.


On interior projects, preparation is also important if the final finish is going to look its best. We can fill dents and holes, and eliminate ridges and cracks to restore a smooth, clean surface. Any new drywall is properly sealed before painting, and gaps along baseboards and other trim work are caulked. Wood to be stained or cleared is cleaned and sanded as needed.

~ We use professional application techniques and tools. Our staff are trained and experienced in both brush-and-roller and paint sprayer finishing systems. We insist on high standards for crisp cut lines, even and full colouration, and the avoidance of drips and sagging.

~ We are clean and neat. We promise daily tidying of the job site (all tools, ladders, and materials stored safely away) and a total cleanup at the completion of the job (sweeping and/or vacuuming up of drywall dust, paint chips, all garbage taken away, and furniture and other moved items returned to their original spots). We use drop cloths and plastic to ensure paint drips or overspray doesn’t get on anything it shouldn’t (i.e. walkways, plants, furniture, light fixtures, etc.).

~ We offer a three-year warranty on our work (some conditions apply).

~ We are a licensed, insured and WCB compliant Vancouver-based company.

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